Starship Inanna: Episode 2 Released.

Greetings to you all,
Episode 2 of Starship Inanna is now available.  You can find it on the main site and also via the update function in the game’s main menu (update feature only available in v0.33.2 or higher).  One you play it please take a couple moments and fill out a little form for us:

Episode 2 continues the story immediately after Episode 1 ends and introduces you to the Urami Hegemony and some of their tactics.

This update also sees the addition of an often requested feature, a scene gallery so you can go back and see any sex scenes you have already seen (unfortunately it’s not retroactive, so you will have to reply Episode 1 to unlock those scenes)

Episode 3 is already well underway and is already being very well received by early testers and players.  There’s a lot of work to do on it still and we have a lot of character development slated so those of you wanting to delve into the thoughts and desires of your fellow crew will want to keep an eye out for that one.  If you want to contribute to development check out our Patreon page by clicking the “Support our work” link at the top or visiting

On that note, thank you again to all of our awesome Patreon backers who make this all possible, all of our players, and all of those who have written us over time with feedback.  We really do appreciate it all and we’re not done yet.

DMD47 and Omar