A long overdue update


First off, Happy New Year.  I’m worry I have not kept the devblog updated.  It came to my attention via the forums and user swiss that I have let dev blog slide.  Long story short, after Episode 2 released in the middle of October I have been going through an update process bringing the rendering tech and character up to the latest generation of technology (which has changed the look of some characters a bit.)  That took until the first half of December to complete and full production started on Episode 3 at that time.  But let’s go over some of the changes and such.

Rachel is indicative how how many characters fared with the update to their textures and hair.  Captain Zal meanwhile has kept her old texture but has a new underlying technology to her skin, and actual pubic hair instead of texture based hair (something hard to see in this image).  Ashira was actually quite difficult, the way light works with her dark blood and her red skin made things pretty much a pain in the ass to be realistic (it made her appear very dull in color, this is actually version 3 of her upgrade in this image).  The glowing eyes are awesome (and actually emit light now). Anaya doesn’t feature in Episode 3, but this commission forced her update (and a complete redesign of her spots.)  She will feature heavily in the non-cannon Patreon comic releasing later this month, and she will of course return in future episodes. Kani was a pain in the ass to upgrade, mainly because her tail and ears are not compatible with the new generation of figures (and Daz has yet to update them!  *shakes fist*)  but after learning some new tricks and features on Daz Studio I got them to work, and even managed to give her ears and tail fur and skin (rather than, like Alexandra, texture based hair).  This is a commission piece, not from the game. And now we have a few upgrades here, including a look at Nali’s uniform, Nikka’s change in design (her old makeup may still be used, but I have to work on it still.)  Rin and Jane here are a little out of date (Rin has been modified slightly to fix the eyes not being accurate here, and Jane just keeps having to try different textures on her skin as some problem is found or something).

Anyway, that’s a glimpse into how the update and production is going for Episode 3.  I’ll try and keep this more updated.  right now the goal is before the end of February for Episode 3 to be publicly released.  I’ll keep you all informed here, the Patreon page, or the facebook page.