2 thoughts on “Starship Inanna Episode 3 released.

  1. seden says:

    On torvin :
    Yeah, thst thing.

    On the Inanna after the escape :
    … as well asfreelancers.

    later on :
    You will apprise

    Hm, later on, again with apprise, it is an error on my side (would have seen it as appraise > appraisal)

    Later on the base, talk with Tren :
    .. told uswe (missing space)

    Later :
    She rests herhead (seem to be a space missing there).

    In the Aloshan section of the outpost :
    A well dressed … catchesherself (again, a space missing, these errors would be easily seen > corrected using a basic text program (word, LO Writer etc)).

    On the outpost, discussion with Samantha:
    …, sad it dulled.. (said)

    As to help distinguish when it is a name, use a capital letter (ze = Ze), it is fine to use abbreviated form even if quite misleading at time, still, this is a better way to handle it.

    Oluna, outpost ward :
    Yes, Doctor Tilam, .. There has been medica .. (medical ?)
    Still Olune, same scene :
    Needless to say, .. this was a very small done (dose).

    Later, back in the outpost ward :
    Well, the good news is Rin that you have
    While correct “Well, good news is that Rin do not have (this said, regulation should still be endorsed at the time, so, use of her rank + Last name instead ? (Something to consider over quite some others situation if so).

    1. DMD47 says:


      Thank you for reporting the typos, I do run the script through a spell checker but sometime forget to after doing corrections and such. Episode 1 and 2 had many many more errors (and still do such as the one you found with ‘thst’). I have gone through and corrected your reported typos and they will be fixed in the next patch.

      Not everything you pointed out is an error though. For instance, apprise means to inform or tell someone something, it was not a typo of appraise. and Ze is not a name, ze and zir are commonly used non-binary forms of he/she and his/her. I figured that was best when talking about non-binary races such as Rin and other Jurion (who are all hermaphroditic and therefore mono-gendered) or Bojin and other Narkin who are all clones and lack any biological sex.

      As for your last comment about Rank, that is very specific to the discussion at hand. I know I’m not strict on it and that’s something I’m trying to establish rules for when I write. However my feeling on that generally is as follows: Oluna will always be professional when talking about someone, but will be casual when they are talking with her (PC being the exception because it has not been established yet that she can be casual with you). Same follows for many other characters, however this also depends on the tone of the conversation. For instance, Ashe isn’t going to talk about Nikka in a casual and relaxed conversations with you as Lieutenant Jinu, it’s just too different a feel than I wanted to establish. But I will think more on this (I’m running into the Star Trek trap of writing where everyone is so casual that ranks don’t come up or matter until they need to. Don’t know if I want to break that or not.)

      Thanks for commenting.

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